Salafists in Germany Backed by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar: German media

A number of groups from the Persian Gulf states are supporting the radical Salafist movement in Germany with the suspected approval of their governments, Suddeutsche Zeitung paper and NDR and WDR broadcasters said, citing a security report.

The groups, based in Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, are engaged in missionary activities on German territory.

Their apparent purpose is that of spreading fundamentalist Salafi concepts, a report jointly prepared by the German intelligence service (BND) and the domestic security and counter-terrorist service (BfV) said, Russia Today cited Suddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) as reporting. 

The NGOs mentioned in the report seen by the German media on Monday mostly support and provide financial assistance to various Salafist groups in Germany, the paper said.

German media add that the RIHS was earlier banned in the US on a similar suspicion of supporting terrorist groups.


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