Ceremonies in 1100 Cities to Commemorate Ali Asghar (AS)

Hazrat_Ali_Asghar_ASCeremonies will be held on Friday, December 10, in different cities across the world to mark the World Ali Asghar (AS) Day.

According to the Shiite News,The ceremonies are planned to be held in 1100 cities in various countries including Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, India , Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Canada, France, the United States, Sweden, Finland, Thailand, Denmark and Australia.

They are aimed at introducing the virtues of Ali Asghar (AS), the beloved son of Imam Hussein (AS) and promoting the message of the Ashura uprising which was promotion of virtue and prevention of vice and fighting injustice.

The ceremonies are annually organized by the Ali Asghar (AS) World Assembly in mosques and religious centers in 5 continents.

The assembly also held four special forums in Tehran and Mashhad this year with the presence of religious figures from different countries.

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