Egyptian revolution enters 15th day

egypt_day_15Egyptian protesters have begun flooding out of their homes for the 15th straight day to step up pressure on President Hosni Mubarak to step down.Large crowds of people continued to camp out in Cairo’s Liberation Square throughout the night despite government efforts to defuse a two-week political crisis that has paralyzed the country, Shiite News reported.

The sit-ins continue despite heavy military presence and overnight curfews in the Egyptian capital.

In a Monday cabinet meeting, Mubarak announced a 15 percent pay raise for all public workers in an effort to quell the ongoing demonstrations.

However, the demonstrators say it is too little and too late. They plan to stay out in the streets until the 82-year-old leader resigns.

Anti-American sentiment is high among the protesters who hold Washington responsible for Mubarak’s long grip on power.

Many slogans in Cairo’s multi-million-strong demonstration on Monday were directed at the United States, Israel and France. Anti-riot police fired into the air to disperse the protesters.

Washington is sending warships and other military assets to troubled Egypt. Two US warships have already arrived in the Red Sea, one of which is carrying up to 800 troops.

Officials in Washington say the US is preparing for a possible evacuation of Americans from Egypt. Meanwhile, a US aircraft carrier has been ordered to abort its mission and stay in the Mediterranean.

More than 300 people are estimated to have been killed and thousands injured since the revolution began in the North African country two weeks ago.

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