“Imam Ali’s (AS) Letter of Policy” Published in English

imam_ali“Imam Ali’s (AS) Letter of Policy” is the translation of the fourth volume of Encyclopedia of Imam Ali (AS) in Quran and Hadith recently published by the Dar-ol-Hadith Publications.

Titled “Imam Ali (AS) and Political Leadership” the work is a compilation and analysis of Hadiths and historical narrations which provides an opportunity for investigating the political thought and practical policy  of the Imam (AS).

According to the book, justice, honesty, respecting others’ rights and human dignity, providing public welfare, security and dissemination of spirituality, etc. are among the main principles of Alawi school on which a government in religious culture is founded.

The 611-page book has been writen by Mohammad Mohammadi Reyshahri in 10 chapters and published in 1000 copies.


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