Saudi Najran airport once again come under attack by Yemeni drone

Saudi Arabia’s Najran airport has once again come under attack by the Yemeni army and fighters of Popular Committees, who have been conducting regular missile and drone attacks against Saudi Arabia in retaliation for a years-long deadly war by the kingdom and its allies.

During the attack on Thursday, Yemeni forces, led by the Houthi Ansarullah movement, flew domestically-developed Qasef-2 (Striker-2) drones to take out aircraft hangars and other strategic positions inside the Saudi airport.

The airport in the southwestern Najran province near the border with Yemen has become a favorite target for the Yemeni resistance forces, who have over the past months inflicted major damage on the Saudi coalition using a formidable arsenal of homegrown missiles and drones.

Yemeni forces have also carried out similar attacks against an airport in the neighboring Abha province, bringing air traffic to a halt on multiple occasions.

The Yemeni missiles and drones have gone even deeper inside the kingdom, causing considerable damage at various Saudi oil facilities as well as the King Khalid airport in the capital Riyadh.


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