Yemeni forces celebrate the Graduation of New Batches of military colleges

On Monday, a solemn military ceremony and parade was held in Sana’a on the occasion of the graduation of the 52nd batch of the Military College, the 27th batch of the Naval College and the 34th batch of the Aviation and Air Defense College, in conjunction with the celebrations of the fifth anniversary of ethe September 21 revolution and the 57th anniversary of September 26 revolution.

At the ceremony, the Chief of Operations, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Al-Miqdad, conveyed to the graduates the greetings and congratulations of the Leader of the Revolution, the Chairman of the Supreme Political Council, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the Chief of Staff.

Al-Miqdad stressed that the accession of this constellation of trained and qualified youth in various martial arts and military methods of work to the fields of work will be a qualitative addition.

He said that “graduating this batches from military colleges despite the circumstances of aggression and siege as far as represents a success and a qualitative victory for our leadership, our people and our armed forces, will be a horror and shocking reality for the forces of aggression.”

In his part, the Chairman of the Training and Rehabilitation Authority, Major General Ahmed Al-Saifi, pointed out that the graduation of a number of batches of highly qualified military colleges in various disciplines and military sciences is a message to the forces of aggression that Yemeni territory will remain the birth of loyal men who believe in the sanctity of its defense.

The graduates’ speech expressed their thanks and gratitude to the Revolutionary and Military High Command, the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff, the Training Authority, the departments of the military colleges and all the trainers for their efforts in preparing and qualifying these payments and sponsoring them and their interest in the students during their studies at the military colleges.

During the ceremony, a symbolic companies of graduating students presented a solemn military parade that embodied the skills and abilities of the graduates and their high morale. The leadership was delivered between the graduated and advanced classes of the military colleges.


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