Emirates Red Crescent Intelligence Arm in Yemen and Sexual Polarization Cell

Emirates Red Crescent in Yemen is associated with intelligence activities and violations against Yemenis, Arabic Post reported on Monday, describing its mission in Yemen as terrifying, although it is limited to saving people from crises, disasters and the repercussions of wars.

The report pointed out that the UAE has included the work of the Red Crescent within a wide cover of humanitarian and voluntary work, which plays a security intelligence role by organizing many voluntary activities that seek to penetrate the Yemeni society, collect information and record impressions under the names of these actions.

Observers of the Yemeni situation confirmed that Abu Dhabi has not achieved any projects on the ground in Yemen and all of its projects are formal in the nature of relief campaigns, but it aims to go further.

The report pointed out that the UAE attracted volunteers through the Red Crescent in many Yemeni governorates. According to the site, Abu Dhabi has in many regions hundreds of volunteers between the ages of 12-18 years and rewards them with amounts up to 500 Saudi riyals per month.

The report spoke about electronic flies formed through media centers directly by the Red Crescent, which are loyal groups in the Internet that can provoke conflicts in the Yemeni street by responding to Yemeni leaders in their pages through social media, especially opposition to Saudi and Emirati policies in Yemen.

The report indicated that the UAE practiced the policy of separating the people of Yemen by broadcasting news and rumors on social media, doubting Yemeni personalities who refused their presence on the Yemeni lands.

The Arabic Post stated that the most prominent areas that the Red Crescent focuses on are Hays, Khokha, Mukha, adding that the UAE asks tribal elders or village and isolation elders to name the families and people who need aid. After that, the information and data obtained by the Emirates Red Crescent is analyzed and submitted to the Emirati intelligence and army in preparation for benefiting from in the battlefield and politically.

The Emirates Red Crescent is also active in other areas in the south of Yemen, specifically the areas under the control of the Southern Transitional Council supported by Abu Dhabi, including Aden, Lahj, Abyan, where the Emirates Red Crescent exercises its security and intelligence role, taking the distribution of food and supplies as an excuse to work on the ground.

It, for example, furnished, repaired, painted some schools affected by the war and then it raises the Emirati flags on those schools and hangs pictures of Emirati Sheikhs on their walls.

One of the volunteers (RN) talked about her experience as a volunteer and an activist with the Emirates Red Crescent in Yemen. She registered to work with them and was chosen. The work was limited to filling in the forms of needy families and the data related to them, but the matter later evolved to summon many activists and volunteers in late hours at night on the pretext that there is work to be done.

“We were surprised by the unethical blackmail level that volunteers are exposed to with the Emirates Red Crescent,” she said.

She revealed that she and others were sexually blackmailed by Emirates Red Crescent employees, stressing that many of them refuse to reveal their names or submit any objection or complaint so as not to harm them or be subjected to them.

She said that the volunteers earn about $ 150 per month, as the work is distributed in the field between the distribution of food and supplies, in addition to periodic visits to the southern areas under the control of the Emirates and the Southern Transitional Council, where through these visits data and trends for families are monitored, under the pretext that they are needy families and poor.

“Special mobile devices have been disbursed to every volunteer working in the Emirates Red Crescent,” she said, “ Which increased our doubts and fears that these devices are equipped with a spy system to monitor all calls and forms of communication that take place between volunteers and the environment with which they are contacted.”


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