Yemen Petroleum Company Employees Protest in Front of UN Office in Sanaa

Yemen Petroleum Company employees organized a protest entitled ” United Nations.. Era Trick” in front of the United Nations office in Sanaa after Friday prayers in the 38th friday.

During the protest, the official spokesman for the Company Amin Al-Shabati confirmed that the aggression alliance and its mercenaries were still detaining nine oil tankers carrying more than forty thousand tons of gasoline and more than one hundred and twenty thousand tons of diesel despite the need for these petroleum products inside Yemen.

Al-Shabati held the United Nations fully responsible for the aggression coalition’s continued detention of oil derivative ships and its disastrous effects on the country and citizens.

For their part, the protesters affirmed in a statement that they will continue their open sit-in and protests in front of the United Nations office in Sana’a until all detained oil ships are released.

The statement renewed demanding the United Nations to lift the siege on Sanaa International Airport and Ras Issa port and to neutralize the petroleum company and its facilities from being targeted.


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