Sudanese Leader Calls for Sudan’s Withdrawal from Yemen

Mohamed Youssef, the leader of the Sudanese Professionals Group, called for the withdrawal of his country’s forces from Yemen, after news of reducing the forces by 10 thousand individuals.

“All forces present in Yemen must return, because it is not in the interest of Yemen, Sudan, or the entire Arab region,” Youssef said.

The leader of the Professionals Group added, the Sudanese people do not yet know why our forces went to Yemen, because there is no announced agreement.

“We woke up after the revolution and found that we have forces fighting in Yemen, we did not know anything about when it left the country nor terms of the agreement by which it was sent.”

Since August 21st, Sudan has witnessed a 39-month transitional period that ends with elections, during which power is shared by both the Military Council and the Declaration of Freedom and Change forces, the leader of the popular movement.

A constitutional document, signed on August 17th, prohibits the participation of the party of ousted President Omar al-Bashir, the National Congress, in Sudanese political life, throughout the transition period of 39 months.


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