Yemeni Air Defenses Shoot Down CH-4 Spy Drone in Al-Jawf

Air Defenses of the Army and Popular Committees shot down, Tuesday, a hostile spy drone, CH-4, run by the US-Saudi aggression in Al-Jawf governorate.

“Air defenses managed, thanks to God, to shoot down a spy combat drone, CH-4, in Al-Jawf governorate, while conducting hostilities inside Yemeni airspace,” Armed Forces spokesman, Brigadier Yahya Sare’e, said in a brief statement.

Brigadier Sare’e said that the drone was targeted “with an air-to-surface missile that will be revealed later.

On August 29, 2018, the Air Defenses of the Army and Popular Committees had shot down an advanced combat drone, CH-4, belonging to the US-Saudi aggression in Jizan. Another spy drone of the same type was shot down on December 23, 2018 in the airspace of Sa’adah governorate.

Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e has announced that Yemeni airspaces are not open anymore for the US-Saudi aggression and this target is an initialization of the new year, which will be, Air Defenses Year.


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