Ansarullah launched new wave of attacks against Saudi coalition forces in Marib

Ansarullah and popular committees launched a new wave of attacks against the Saudi-led coalition forces in north and west of Marib province.

The attacks carried out on ‘Alam al-Abyadh area, north of Marib, Jud’an, Jufrah and outskirts of Maas base. Saudi-led coalition warplanes have also heavily bombed Ansarullah positions, targeting Najd al-Ataq in Sarwah district 8 times, Jud’an area in Madghal district 6 times and Majzar district 2 times.

Houthis has not advanced significantly in the Marib front so far and their purpose of asymmetric warfare is to drain the coalition strength in Marib. Threatening Safer oil field, Marib-Sanaa road and Maas base are goals of Ansarullah to take a lot of Saudi coalition strength.


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