42 Saudi-led air strikes hit 4 Yemeni provinces

The US-backed Saudi-led fighter jets launched 42 strikes on Yemeni provinces over the past 24 hours, a military official reported on Monday.

The official stated that Saudi warplanes launched two air raids on (Dhaher) district in Saada province, eight air raids on (Labanat) Camp in al-Hazm district and two raids on (Khab Wa Shaaf) district in al-Jawf province.

In Marib province, warplanes launched seven air raids on (Madghel) district, 11 air raids on (Majzar) district, three air raids on (Mahlia) district and an air raid on (Abediyah) district.

The official pointed out that the Saudi warplanes launched seven raids on (Qaniyeh) area and a raid targeting a village in (Radman) district in Baydha province.


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