Saudi-Led Coalition in Yemen Concluded Secret Deals with Takfiri Fighters: Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy magazine called on the United States administration (Donald Trump administration ) to change its destabilizing behavior in the region by ending a failed approach.

The report indicated that the military logistical support that Washington provided to the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen had had negative repercussions. Pointing out that the Yemeni army and the popular committees have the ability to target the Saudi depth, especially with the continuing war on Yemen.

The report indicated that this failed approach pushed the United States to drift into several conflicts, and this had complex political, economic and social implications that made the conflicts last longer and attracted American security partners to conflicts that made them less safe.

The magazine acknowledged that the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen had concluded secret deals with al-Qaeda takfiri fighters, stressing that the American weapons sold to Saudi Arabia and the UAE were delivered to the takfiri groups (al-Qaeda).

-Foreign Policy


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