Yemen Shia Fighters take Control over Base near Presidential Palace

Ansarullah movement (the Houthis) in Yemen said Monday they had seized control of an army base on a hill overlooking the presidential palace in Sanaa.

The fighters “at this moment control the Nahdain mountain, which overlooks the presidential complex,” Huthi official Ali al-Bukhaiti said on his Facebook page.

“They have allowed soldiers (Presidential guard) to leave with their personal weapons,” he added.

Moreover, a ceasefire has been agreed after a morning of artillery and gun battles between army troops and Ansarullah.

The presidential guard has been deployed around the complex and the hill in southern Sanaa, though President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi does not reside at the palace, instead using a residence in the west of the capital.

President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi would meet a number of his advisers including Houthi officials to discuss political and constitutional issues, the Houthi official, Ali al-Imad, told Reuters.


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