Sayyed Houthi Calls on Preserving Yemen’s Stability, Implementing National Pact

Leader of Yemeni revolutionaries, Ansarullah, Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi hailed the patriotism of the regular army for preserving the national interests and encountering the conspiracies plotted against it.

In a televised speech, Sayyed Houthi said that some of the governmental forces prevented the implementation of the national agreement despite the consensual approval that it gained.

“Some parties moved in a direction that opposes the national agreement of partnership and facing the political tyranny in the country,” he said, adding “All the irregularities in the draft constitution must be deleted.”

“If the president (Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi) and the political forces had implemented the national agreement, the Yemenis would have witnessed a major change,” Sayyed Houthis said.

“After the president rejected the implementation of the national accord, the whole country headed into chaos,” he indicated.

Sayyed Houthi called on eradicating corruption and activating the competent supervisory and regulatory institutions.

Sayyed Houthi pointed out that certain pressures were exerted on the military camps in Marib in order to deliver their weaponry to al-Qaeda, what threatens the national security.

Commenting on the foreign plots to split the country into various regions, Sayyed Houthi said that they aim at ripping Yemen, calling on the president and the government to challenge them and to end the South’s crisis.

“We are ready to face all the measures that the UN Security Council may take,” Sayyed Houthi asserted.

He also called on the Yemenis to support what the public committees are doing through rallies and demonstrations.


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