Yemen Factions Agree to a Transitional Presidential Council: Sources

According to Al-Manar news report Yemeni political sources as saying that the political factions in the country agreed to form a transitional presidential council to fill the power vacuum following the resignation of the President and the prime minister last month.

ur reported said the agreement came at the end of a meeting late on Thursday, noting that the meeting was attended by the UN envoy to Yemen Jamal Benomar.

Benomar was tasked with drafting the agreement which will be announced on Saturday, the correspondent said.

According to the sources, the presidential council would be headed by Ali Nasir Mohammad, a former president of South Yemen before the 1990 merger with North Yemen.

Benomar will fly to Riyadh to meet Mohammad there, the correspondent reported, noting that the UN envoy may come back to Sanaa accompanied with the former president.
Reuters news agency also reported the event, quoting a source close to Mohammad as confirming that consultations were under way with the ex-president but said they have yet to be finalized.

Earlier on Sunday, Ansarullah revolutionaries – who drove al-Qaeda Takfiris out of the capital last September – set three-day deadline for the parties to resolve the power vacuum in Yemen since the president Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi offered to resign along with the prime minister last month.


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