Ansarullah: Terrorist Attacks Led by Foreign, Regional Powers

Yemeni revolutionary movement, Ansarullah, stressed that the terrorist bombings which targeted two mosques in Sanaa Friday are part of the all-out war launched by certain regional and world states against the Yemeni people.

In a statement released late Friday, the political bureau of the movement lashed out at “those who are justifying such heinous crimes through defaming revolution and opposing the security operations against criminals”, Al-Manar reported.

The movement said that the statement is an “important message to the embassies and the (local) political parties”.

“These criminal acts are being controlled by foreign powers that have hostile position from the Yemeni revolution,” Ansarullah’s political bureau said in the statement noting that these foreign powers are the US and some regional states.

The movement also said that hindering the national dialogue aims at giving time to terrorists to spread chaos in the country.

In this context, Ansarullah called for confronting these criminal terrorists on all levels: political, security and media


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