Saudi and allied-regimes impose war on Yemen to divert attention from Palestine

By Eye Ali

Saudi Arabia-led coalition of Zionists-U.S.-allied Arab monarchies launched a war on Yemen declaring the popular populist revolutionary movement of Yemen Ansarullah as insurgents notwithstanding the fact that Saudi-U.S. proxy in Yemen lacked legitimacy and had to bow to mass uprising.


Aggression on and invasion of Yemen is being perpetrated on the orders of Wahhabi-Salafi King Salman of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, Bahrain, UAE and Kuwait have joined the airstrikes on Yemen civilians.

U.S. administration have announced its logistic and intelligence cooperation and support to the allied-Arab monarchies against the democratic movement that enjoyed popular support and that always participated in democratic process in Yemen.

Saudi ambassador to Yemen namely Adel al-Jubeir has briefed reporters in Washington, and it is strange enough because Washington is not a right place to brief the world. The anti-Islam and pro-Israel coalition failed to take right decisions because United Nations is headquartered in New York and international community remains there instead of Washington where White House and Capitol Hill are situated.

Pakistan-based analysts have opined that all is being done to divert attention from real issues of the Islamic World including Arab world. They are of the views that Palestine is the main and core issue that needs to be sorted out. They expressed no surprise over Arab client monarchies because Jordan never helped Gaza against Israeli aggression and none of these Arab regimes sent their air forces to hit Zionist occupiers of Palestine.

They sent military tanks to crush peaceful and un-armed pro-democracy movement of Bahrain. Then they invented proxies to destabilize anti-Israel and pro-Palestine Syrian regime and now they are crushing Ansarullah and innocent civilians for their support to Ansarullah. It is because Ansarullah slogans include Death to U.S., Death to Israel and Victory for Islam. When anti-Israel regimes formed Arab Union of Egypt, Syria and Yemen, Saudi regime helped all those who opposed the anti-Israel Gamal Abdol Nasser. Now, they target anti-Israel Ansarullah, Zaydi Shia Muslims movement who enjoy support from Sunni Yemenis as well.


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