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Yemen Ansarullah movement felicitates Iran on nuclear deal

The Yemeni official also felicitated the Iranian nation and government on historical deal as a big victory.

According to a report by yemenpress on Thursday, the official said the Vienna deal will play effective role in solving regional problems through peaceful solutions.

The outcome of the nuclear agreement, he said, will be the peace and stability in the Middle East region as well as mutual respect between the nations.

He further urged all regional countries to focus on unity among the Islamic Ummah.

He noted the tensions in region will only benefit the Zionist regime.

Ali al-Houthi stressed that Yemen respects all regional countries, instead it calls on other nations to have mutual respect based on the international criteria.

Saudi Arabia, leading a coalition of nine Arab states except Oman, has started massive attacks on Yemen since March 26.

The attacks are aimed at bring the Yemeni president, who ran away from the country, back to power.

The coalition is also aimed at preventing the Ansarullah revolutionary fighters from taking power.

At present, Ansarullah revolutionary fighters are providing security for the Yemeni cities.


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