What Does Blackwater Do in Yemen?

During the seven months of aggression against Yemen, Saudi Arabia has not spared any effort to commit bloody crimes against the Yemenis; however, it has failed to achieve any of its goals. Not only has Saudi Arabia failed to restore to power the fugitive President Mansour Hadi or the Prime Minister Khaled Mahafoudh Bahah, but also its southern border has turned to a part of the battlefront of Yemeni revolutionaries, and dozens of military bases of Saudi Arabia have become under control of Ansarullah and Yemeni army.

These successive failures of Saudi Arabia have made it seek another way out. For this purpose, Saudis have hired mercenaries from Sudan, and recently they have recruited some mercenary soldiers from Colombia. But they are apparently far more than a mercenary army, and the notorious Blackwater Company has also had a share in the war against Yemen. The mercenaries of Blackwater are reported to enter Yemen under the guise of the Colombian soldiers. Recently, a Colombian-base medium has reported that over the next few months more than 800 Colombian military forces are going to enter Sana, Yemen, in support of offensive strikes of Saudi Arabia and its allies against Yemen.

Colombia is an important center for Blackwater to recruit and train its forces, as the US has made considerable infiltration into Colombia, even many describe Colombia as the Israel of the US in Latin America. Blackwater is the first terrorist organization in the world which recruits mercenaries and has built a special army and an Assassination Squad. Blackwater Company has more than 2700 soldiers and a fleet of airplanes. The motto of Blackwater’s combat operations is: “kill then make sure whether he was the enemy.”

Blackwater is a private American military company and security consulting firm, and based on legal actions taken by the former government, its troops enjoy legal immunity from any possible prosecution. It has played an essential role in the invasion of Iraq by the US forces, the troops of Blackwater committed horrible crimes against Iraqis especially in Fallujah. The company also has a bad reputation in Afghanistan.

The presence of this terrorist company in Yemen indicates that the House of Saud seeks a way out of the Yemeni quagmire at any cost. Certainly, the Blackwater’s fully armed forces will wreck havoc on Yemen, similar to the one they dine in Fallujah.

It should be noted that in recent months Saudi Arabia has faced many challenges. The country has spent billions of dollars on the war in Yemen, and it has not made any significant achievements, and the decreased oil prices have also placed a lot of pressure on Saudi Arabia, to the extent that the Independent newspaper predicted that Saudi Arabia will go bankrupt by 2020. Disputes between the Saudi princes have been another reason for the political and economic instability in this country. Saudi Arabia has now reached to a point that it is recruiting mercenaries to assassin people in Yemen and this could more than ever tarnish the country’s reputation among the Muslim countries. As no Muslim can ever forget the brutal crimes of Blackwater in Iraq and Afghanistan; therefore, in near future we may hear some bad news about some dreadful man-made disasters in Yemen.


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