Sudanese Troops Killed in Saudi Airstrike on Yemen

Yemen’s defense ministry said Saudi-led coalition’s fighter jets mistakenly targeted Sudanese troops and mercenaries of fugitive former President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi in Yemen, killing a large number of them.

The ministry said that tens of Sudanese soldiers and mercenaries of Hadi were killed or injured in the attack that took place in al-Mokha area in the west of Taiz province.

The coalition aircraft targeted the mercenaries by mistake while trying to provide air cover for them in their assault on Khalid ibn Walid military base.

Elsewhere in the Arabian Peninsula country, 20 pro-Hadi forces were killed in an attack by Yemen’s army and popular committees in Ma’rib Province.

Also, the army and popular committees managed to hit a gathering of the Saudi-led coalition forces in al-Ataya in the kingdom’s southern province of Jizan with missiles, killing and injuring a number of Saudi servicemen.

During another operation, the missile command of Yemen’s army hit the forces of the Saudi army in al-Mousem, also in Jizan, with two domestically made missiles dubbed “Zelzal” and Katyusha rockets.

The attacks were in response to the ongoing aggression by the coalition.


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