Yemeni Hospital Exceeds Full Capacity amid Deadly Cholera

As the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, is struggling with an unprecedented outbreak of cholera, its al-Sabeen Maternity and Child Hospital is on the verge of breaking point, crammed with pandemic patients.

An overflow of cholera patients at al-Sabeen has pushed the facility well past its full capacity and into a health care crisis. On Saturday, patients, including many children, were laid down on halls and placed in makeshift open-air wards.

“The total number of cases has reached 1,350 cases in all provinces in Yemen, with two thirds of cases in the capital Sana’a. This is why you notice the overcrowding of the hospital with patients. Also, four new centers have been opened in the capital,” said Abdel Rahim al-Kahlani, a spokesman for the Yemeni Ministry of Health, Press TV reported.

Over two years of Saudi Arabia’s full-scale war on the impoverished country have put more than half of all health facilities in Yemen in a state of complete or partial shutdown. Furthermore, there are critical shortages in medical doctors in over 40 percent of all districts, according to the health ministry.

“The difficulties we are facing include shortage in staff and in medication. Most of the medicines are registered outside the hospital; they cannot be found in hospitals,” said Salah Zaheeq, a nurse at al-Sabeen hospital.

The relentless Saudi airstrikes against Yemen have also inflicted a variety of health hazards on the people.


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