Yemeni Sniper Shot Dead 184 Saudi Led mercenaries, During June Month

The sniper units of Yemeni joint forces were able to shot dead Saudi led troops on Taiz, Shabwa, Baydah and Dali fronts in the month of June.

A military source said that the sniper units of Yemeni army and popular committees were able to kill 103 Saudi led troops in Taiz, 39 in West Taiz, 9 in east of Makha and 3 I Jabal Habashi.

According to the source, sniper fire killed 22 enemy troops in Shabwa, 2 in al-Baydha and 3 in Dhala regions.

The military source confirmed that the sniper units will remain on high alert to deal with the Saudi aggression and their paid troops and will carry responsibility in all circumstances.


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