New American plans in the Red Sea and the Yemeni islands to control Bab Al-Mandab

More than 27 months after the aggression on Yemen that began to restore the alleged legitimacy in Yemen, there are movements of the United Arab Emirates with an American cover to expand its military presence in the Red Sea and the Yemeni islands.

Military and political failure in Yemen urged the United States and its allies to change their military and political strategy and look at their remaining cards.

Where day after day new images of the movements of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are shown by American cover to expand their military presence in the southern provinces and in the most important vital centers of the state such as the island of Myon near Bab Al-Mandab.

These moves, which are contrary to international laws and treaties in the rights of the state to protect its policy and to reject any military presence of other countries, as well as the construction of bases occurs under American cover and under the guise of alleged legitimacy.

Several reports close to the decision-making circles in the UAE and Saudi Arabia revealed the existence of a Saudi plan to push Hadi to declare a new coastal governorate that includes a number of directorates of Taiz Governorate, including Mukha, Al-Wazia, distributor, Malaf and directorates of the province of Lahj, including speculation in an effort to control Bab Al-Mandab and separate it from its scope Geographically known.

This trend coincides with the practical start of the construction of an Emirati base in the Yemeni island of Myoun, with the green light of an Israeli-American, since all are sharing the building of honorable bases overlooking the waterway in the Red Sea and sharing bases from Jaboti to the Qarn of Africa in Somalia, which meets Yemen in the West Bank. What can be done without coordination between the US, UAE and Israel.

The exploitation of the international silence and the alleged legitimacy in the implementation of the designs of the emirates, Saudi Arabia and the Yemen after the isolation of these countries in the military victory and the imposition of hegemony by force tends to impose division and fragmentation and the creation of future conflicts between the sons of Yemen.

In conclusion, the differences between Saudi Arabia and the Arab and Western media are part of the American-Israeli-Western planning in Yemen to divide Yemen, including the southern provinces, breaking the will of the people and choking the Northern provinces.


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