President of Revolutionary Committee sends messages to reassure Yemeni workers in Saudi Arabia

The leader of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, Muhammad Ali al-Houthi, sent letters of reassurance to the Yemeni workers in Saudi Arabia, who suffer from the injustice of their system and the recent taxes imposed on them by the army leadership and the popular committees if they are not exempted by the Saudi authorities Foreign workers operating in Saudi Arabia.

“We reassure and invite the Yemeni workers’ brothers in Saudi Arabia who have been wronged and cannot fulfill what is required of them. If you are not exempted and given special status, go to the camps of the Republic, they are ready to receive you when you return,” al-Houthi said in twitterings on his Twitter page.

“For those of you who love to join these camps, which are working to push the US-Saudi aggression and its allies and fight them until victory, God willing.”

The head of the Supreme Revolutionary considered that employment in Saudi Arabia after the recent procedures prove that the expatriate worker is not taken into account and injustice due to the bankruptcy of the regime and the US milking of their aggression and killing of Yemenis.

He stressed that these measures in part in addition to the financial situation of Saudi Arabia that it aims to liquidate the Muslim Brotherhood, as is the case with the Sudanese labor that has been and is being deported.

Al-Huthi explained that “it is assumed with the increase of taxes and the right of sponsorship and they also increased the income of the worker so that the tax increase is consistent with the increase in wages but that the increase in taxes increase in the price of accommodation and without the increase in wages of expatriate workers this is the injustice for foreign workers, but that These procedures are required to be paid by the Yemeni workers who spent years destroying their country and siege and then working on the looting of Yemeni labor without making it a special situation and want to make the Yemeni labor that they called and claimed to facilitate it, such as Egyptian, Sudanese or Pakistani workers. This is a particular injustice. ”

Al-Houthi called on the Saudi regime to distinguish Yemeni workers and deal with them as a special deal. “The fact that you have been led to this by your policies, aggression and criminality against a country and a nation known for its civilization and its dependence on itself for hundreds of years,” concluded Al-Houthi. “Those who used to dig gold on the day you were still milking she camels “.


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