Daesh in Yemen slaughters prisoners under supervision of Saudi/UAE

More than two years after the aggression against Yemen since March 2015, the mask reveals the faces of supporters of human rights and the fight against terrorism. The slaughter of Yemeni prisoners by Takfiri groups in Taiz under the supervision of the UAE forces was a big blow to the coalition’s reputation, to preserve human rights.

The methods taken by the armed groups under the name of “resistance” and in fact are hypocrites and mercenaries, no different from the criminal methods carried out by Da-esh in Iraq and Syria.

As the information suggests, the United States of America after the loss of a supporter and terrorists from the Front of victory and the free Syrian and the Syrian Freedom Army, decided to move them to another place to rearrange the rows because of deadly strikes by the Syrian Arab Army and the Lebanese resistance and the Iraqi popular crowd.

According to information, the US administration decided to transfer them to Yemen for two reasons,

First: the continuation of the proxy war inside Yemen under the pretext of restoring legitimacy.

Second: Support Saudi Arabia and its exit from the quagmire of Yemen through these elements of the Takfiri.

As documented by the British “BBC” earlier, that the groups Altkfiri all fighting and fighting in Yemen side to Jib and under the supervision of the United Arab Emirates.

Today, we see the heinous crimes against humanity in Yemen with the same methods of slaughter, burning and other crimes used by Da-esh. According to Yemeni intelligence reports, the UAE, against the background of the Gulf crisis to compete with Qatar, And the fact that this matter came to address the imbalance in the fronts and avoid the great collapse that is threatening the ranks of aggression and mercenaries on the internal fronts, and that the security chaos witnessed in the southern provinces are all under the supervision of a Saudi Arabian in the context of liquidation of some leaders in the Brotherhood.

The secret prisons established by the UAE in Yemen are illegal and far from the eyes of the international community and humanitarian and legal organizations, as they carry out the worst acts of torture, to the extent that they are described as Abu Ghraib Yemen.…

The fight against terrorism, the restoration of legitimacy and the support of human rights are all petty and false slogans that the West and their voices in the region are honoring to achieve their long-established goals. The slaughter of these prisoners is one of the crimes committed by the aggression in Yemen more than two years ago.

Yemen and Yemenis must take their toll by moving towards the fronts to topple the US-Zionist project in Yemen, especially in the region in general, as “the experience of the experimenter does not try.” Yemenis have tried the international community, the United Nations and humanitarian organizations for more than two years and there are no cease-fire moves and lifting the siege.


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