Yemen: Bloody battles in Nehm, killing and wounding more than 65 loyalists for the alliance

The mutual attacks continued on Sunday between the army and the Houthis against Hadi’s forces and pro-coalition Brotherhood reform party on the other hand in Nhem in east of Sana’a , which killed more than 65 dead and wounded from loyalists for the coalition, including a colonel.

According to field sources of Al-Morasel Net that the battles happened in areas of Al-Hul and Al-Madfon and witnessed two attacks from Hadi’s forces in return for an attack by the army forces and Houthis.

A military source for Sana’a said that their forces managed to thwart great attack on Al-Hul area and killed 50 dead and wounded from Hadi’s forces, including field commanders.

A field source told Al-Morasel Net that the attack of Hadi’s forces in Al-Hul area was an attempt to regain sites that controlled by the army and Houthis and failed to regain it.

The military media for Sana’a forces also distributed pictures obtained by Al-Morasel Net to refute an attack that launched by Hadi’s forces with support of coalition air force in Al-Madfon area, and the pictures show a number of dead bodies of Hadi’s forces, weapons and ammunition that taked by the army and Houthis.

More than 15 members of Hadi’s forces were killed and wounded in attack of Al-Madfon area, including Col. Aref al-Hujli, from commanders of brigade 310, and three of his companions, Mohammed Al-Walidi, Jassar Radman Al-Mashwali Al-Wazi and Riad Saed Lutf.


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