Army destroys military vehicles of Saudi army, Burns sites in Jizan

The military media on Tuesday published scenes of destruction of military vehicles belonging to Saudi army and combustion of its sites .

In Jizan, the heroes of Yemeni army and popular committees carried out separated offensive military operations on the sites of Saudi army in Jalah district, causing direct casualties in their ranks.

The scenes that are published by military media shew combustion of a Saudi site and a number of killed bodies of Saudi-paid mercenaries who were killed during the opration.

The lens of military media documented scenes of targeting a military vehicle belonging to Saudi army, destroying and killing all its crew.

In Jizan also , the scenes showed destruction of a military vehicle by a guided missile nearby a group of military vehicles that where in the center of a Saudi site.

The scenes also showed combustion of a military vehicle of Saudi army loading shells , arms and mercenaries , and other military vehicle in the west of Jahfan district in Jizan.

Apaches warplanes flew over the oprations districts in an attempt to prevent army and popular committees to continue thier offensive operations.


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