Saudi-led forces suffer heavyily in Yemeni retaliation

Yemeni troops have released a video showing Saudi forces and Riyadh-led militants being hit by snipers and their military vehicles destroyed in rocket attacks.

The attack took place in Najran’s al-Shabakah area, Iran’s Arabic-language Al-Alam news network reported on Saturday.

The Yemeni army also struck Saudi-led forces in Najran’s al-Baqa’a Desert with rockets and artillery shells, and targeted the militants’ positions in Saudi Arabia’s Jizan region.

An unspecified number of the militants were killed in the attack, the report said.

‘Biggest’ Saudi coastal attack foiled

A Yemeni military source, meanwhile, told a news conference in the capital Sana’a that Yemeni army and allies had foiled Saudi Arabia’s “biggest” military attack in the country’s western coastline.

More than 120 Saudi mercenaries were killed and hundreds others injured, he added.

The counterattack started on Thursday and lasted through Friday afternoon.

The source said hospitals in the Yemeni port city of Aden, which is under the Saudi occupation, are now filled with the injured.

He described the assault as “one of the most important, massive, and calculated attacks [to be conducted] by the enemy.”

Also on Saturday, it was reported that Saudi warplanes had attacked Yemeni fishermen in al-Hudaydah Province, destroying a number of their fishing boats.

And on Friday, at least six civilians were killed in Saudi air raids on residential areas in Yemen’s northwestern province of Sa’ada.

Riyadh has compounded the invasion by enforcing an all-out blockade on Yemen’s lifeline seaports, bringing the country close to the edge of famine. The Saudi regime claims that the embargo prevents transfer of arms to Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement, which has been defending the nation against the Saudi-led offensive.

Also on Friday, the United Nations aid chief expressed concern over the decline of food imports to Yemen.

Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen since 2015 and pushing a crippling land, air and sea blockade, which has halted deliveries of food, medicine and vital supplies to the impoverished war-wracked country.

The United Nations on Friday once gain expressed concern over the decline of food imports to Yemen.

Mark Lowcock, the UN emergency relief coordinator, warned in a statement that a further 10 million Yemenis could be at risk of starvation by the year’s end.

More than 14,000 people have been killed since the 2015 Saudi war, which was launched to reinstate the country’s Riyadh-allied former officials.


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