Sanaa airport reopening agreed under CBM at Sweden talks: sources

Yemen’s parties agreed to reopen Sanaa airport in the Houthi-held capital that remains under aerial blockade by Saudi-led military coalition of aggressors.

The sources said that Western nations pressed the two sides to accept confidence-building steps before the end of UN-led peace talks in Sweden.
The Saudi-backed Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi Yemeni group and the popular resistance Houthi Ansarullah Movement are still discussing a United Nations proposal on the contested port city of Hodeidah, a lifeline for millions of Yemenis facing starvation. Saudi-led coalition of aggressors and invaders has intensified war on Yemen to take control of that port too.
Hadi who had quit as President and fled Yemen insists he is legitimate ruler of Yemen and he has nominated Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed as Prime Minister but both of them have no presence in capital city Sanaa that remains under Houthi control. However, due to US backing, Saudi proxies are being acknowledged as ‘legitimate’ government that is a cruel joke with Yemenis.
Maeen told reporters in the government’s base in the southern port of Aden that there might not be enough time for full agreement on Hodeidah as the talks, the first in over two years, conclude on Thursday.
A UN spokeswoman said both parties had received a “final package” of agreements on the status of Hodeidah, Sanaa airport, a political framework and shoring up the economy. “We hope to receive positive responses,” she said.
The two parties agreed that international flights would stop at a government-held airport for inspections before flying in or out of Sanaa, two sources familiar with the talks said.


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