Houthis seizes strategic city in southern Yemen

The Houthi forces have seized the strategic city of Al-Qa’tbah after 72 hours of intense clashes with the UAE-backed troops in the Dhale province.

According to a report from southern Yemen, the Houthi forces imposed full control over the provincial capital of Dhale (Al-Qa’tbah city) after reaching the pro-government forces’ last line of defense at the southern district of the city.Following the capture of Al-Qa’tbah city, the Houthi forces seized a dozen more towns and villages in the Dhale Governorate, forcing the UAE-backed troops to retreat further south in order to avoid being overrun.

This large-scale expansion by the Houthi forces marks the first time that they have scored any major advance in southern Yemen since their break with the loyalists of late President Ali Abdullah Saleh.


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