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American drone operated by Saudi-led coalition shot down by Yemen’s army

An American drone operated by the Saudi-led coalition has been shot down by Yemen’s army over the northern province of…

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Russian air defenses shot down American drone in Libya

The US military claims that Russian air defenses shot down an American drone over the Libyan capital last month, demanding…

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US official claims ISIL militant were among Afghans massacred in drone attack

A senior US military commander in Afghanistan has tried to justify the massacre of Afghan civilians in the recent American…

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Russian favored American Drone shot down in Iranian airspace

Tensions between Iran and the US have intensified since Tehran downed an American drone, which as Iran said, had violated…

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Iran Holds Massive Drone Exercise over Persian Gulf

Squadrons of unmanned aerial vehicles flown by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps attended a large-scale war game over the Persian…

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