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Britain confirms arming Saudi Arabia in Yemen war

Britain’s Ministry of Defense has confirmed London has been arming Saudi Arabia in its relentless military campaign against Yemen. A…

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Ayat. Khatami: All political groups should support negotiators

‘The Iranian negotiators are sons of the Islamic system and they should not be insulted or weakened; they are warriors…

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Pakistan not talking nukes with Saudi Arabia: Foreign secretary

Pakistan’s foreign secretary says his country is not holding negotiations with Saudi Arabia to sell an “off-the-shelf” nuclear weapon to…

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Bani Saud’s crusade for Zionism

The Bani or Aal-e Saud, whose treason against Islam and Muslims was rewarded by the British by creation of the…

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‘British military fired 46million rounds of ammunition on Taliban’

A report says the British military fired 46 million rounds of ammunition at the Taliban during eight years of war…

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More Brits joining ISIL terrorists

Concerns grow in the UK about the increasing number of British citizens joining the ISIL Takfiri terrorists operating in the…

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