3 Gazans Injured in Israeli Shooting

At least three Palestinians were injured by Israeli gunfire to the East of Khan Younis in Southern Gaza Strip. Medics…

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Grand Imam of al-Azhar will fight alongside Saudi Arabia against Iran

In an article published on his website (, Dr Ahmad Rasim al-Nafis, an Egyptian Shi’ite scholar, strongly criticized the recent…

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Bahrainis stage massive rallies to voice solidarity with prisoners

Large crowds of Bahraini demonstrators have taken to the streets in solidarity with political prisoners and jailed activists, sparking clashes…

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Saudi Arab

More Than 2,000 Saudis in the Rank of ISIS Kills People

A total of 2,284 Saudis have joined terrorist groups outside the country over the past four years, an Interior Ministry…

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ISIL Claims Deadly Yemen Mosque Bombings

ISIL terrorist group claimed responsibility for suicide bombings Friday in the Yemeni capital that killed at least 77 people at…

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Notorious Deobandi cleric raped 11 year old Muslim girl and flees

Notorious takfiri Deobandi cleric raped an 11-year-old girl and fled the scene but Deobandi leaders were trying to cover-up his…

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