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Allama Iqbal and Imam Hussain

Iqbal’s range, quality, and quantity are truly impressive. Apart from Urdu, he also wrote prodigiously in Persian and is regarded…

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Finality of Prophethood s.a

Written by Martyr Ayatullah Murtada Mutahhari We have said that despite the differences in details all Prophets have delivered the…

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Promoters of British Shi’ism are ‘cultural tyrants’

Hujjat al-Islam Ya’qoubi said, “A cultural tyrant is our country is someone who while wearing the clothes of religion, doesn’t…

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Imam Ali Shrine SG forms a committee to publish a Holy Quran ascribes to Imam Ali

The General Secretariat of Imam Ali Holy Shrine forms a committee to publish a copy of Holy Quran, where its…

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Middle East

ISIS Terrorists Plant Explosives in Copies of Holy Qur’an

As the Daesh (ISIS / ISIL) Takfiri terrorist group is losing ground both in Syria and Iraq, it is now…

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Takfiris Vandalize Mosque in Bahrain, Tear Copies of Holy Qura’n

A number of takfiris attacked on Thursday the Kheif Mosque in the Bahraini town of Deir, north of Bahraini International…

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Hezbollah Denounces Desecration of Quran

Hezbollah strongly condemned burning copies of Quran in a US airbase in Afghanistan, urging the nation to denounce such acts.…

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