Hope fades away for Hazaras of Pakistan

“At least 60 people belonging to Hazara community living in Quetta have been killed in targeted attacks, including suicide, remote-controlled…

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Bombs, bullets kill 13 in Iraq

At least 13 people have been killed and over 50 others injured in several attacks across Iraq. In the city of…

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Wahabi terrorists torch Quran & Alam-e-Mola Abul Fazal Abbas (as)

Sacrilege of Holy Quranalam-e-Mola Abul Fazal Abbas (as) were reported here at a shrine in KBR Buffer Zone on Tuesday.Intolerant…

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Wahabiat a Squalid Stain on the Face of Islam: Grand Ayatollah Makaram Shirazi

Grand Ayatollah Makaram Shirazi while demanding the arrest of those who were involved in the killing of Shiite Muslims of…

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