Bahraini Detainee: Pakistani Police Cried as Jordanian Officers Humiliated us

The following is a testimony of a sister written with her tears after visiting her detained brother in Jaw Central…

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A look at nations involved in Saudi-led air strikes on Yemen

CAIRO: A Saudi-led coalition has been targeting the revolutionaries forces and citizens in Yemen in a campaign of air strikes…

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“Necessity of joint anti-terrorism campaign by Islamic countries”: Sayyed Ali Fadhl Allah

Hujjat-ul-Islam Seyyed Ali Fadhl Allah, attended the opening ceremony of international conference on the role of moderation in confrontation with…

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Iraq PM calls on Jordan to help in fight against ISIL

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has called on Jordan to help Baghdad in its fight against Takfiri ISIL militants, who…

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Middle East

Jordan, Israel working as one over Syria: Report

Jordan has allowed the Israeli regime to fly its drones over the Jordanian airspace in order to monitor the situation…

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Jordan bars international activists from leaving for West Bank

Jordanian authorities have barred international activists from going to Israel-occupied West Bank and delivering humanitarian aid to Palestinian students suffering…

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