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Saudi Arab

Amnesty condemn Saudi mass execution, rights violations in “the year of shame”

Amnesty International has released a report marking the first year since the Saudi regime launched a campaign of suppression against…

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Sheikh Zakzaky, Wife Need Urgent Medical Attention: Report

A group of medical experts and consultants which conducted health assessments on Nigeria’s top Muslim cleric Sheikh Zakzaky and his…

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Daesh “Plans New Wave of UK, Europe Terror Attacks” Using “Crocodile Cells”

MI5 is investigating Daesh plans to carry out a new wave of attacks across the UK and Europe using ‘crocodile…

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Middle East

Syria: Withdrawal of illegal foreign troops of the UK, US and French are guarantees the end of war 

The withdrawal of British, US, Turkish and French troops, which are in Syria illegally, guarantees the end of war crimes…

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Al-Houthi warn “Our missiles are capable to hit Riyadh and UAE” 

Yemen’s popular Houthi Ansarullah movement, which defends the country against a Saudi-led invasion, says it can hit “strategic targets” in…

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Bahrain jailed 138 citizens in fake charges

Bahrain on Tuesday jailed 138 people and revoked their citizenship for plotting to form a “terror” group with links to…

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