Iraq warns: US-led mission in Persian Gulf escalate tensions in region

The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs says Baghdad will not join a US-led mission in the Persian Gulf purportedly seeking…

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Middle East

United Arab Emirates joined a US-led naval mission

Following in the footsteps of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates has joined a US-led naval mission purportedly aimed at…

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Yemen manufactures six sophisticated home-built drones every day

A spokesman for the Yemeni army Yahya Saree emphasized that Yemen possesses modern sophisticated drones, adding that the drones are…

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All American military bases and vessels in Missile Range: IRGC

All American military bases and vessels stationed up to 2,000 kilometers around Iran are within the range of Iranian missiles,…

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Yemeni activists and journalists call for boycott of UAE products

Yemeni activists and journalists have reportedly launched a boycott campaign of products produced in the United Arab Emirates to protest…

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What’s Driving New Saudi Shakeup?

On Saturday, the Saudi Crown Prince in separate decrees dismissed senior officials and introduced new figures to the posts. Significant…

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Yemeni forces conducted two drone strikes on Saudi airport

Yemeni armed forces have conducted two drone strikes on Saudi airport in southwestern Asir province, as the war-ravaged country continues…

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Al Khalifa regime revokes citizenship of 334 human rights activists since January

An independent human rights group has expressed serious concern over the ruling Al Khalifah dynasty’s “ongoing and increasingly severe” clampdown…

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Saudi Arab

British approved $800mln Arms sales to Saudi Arabia in six months

The British government approved the sale of military equipment worth $800 million to Saudi Arabia in the six months following…

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 United Arab Emirates Regime Hostiles Muslims In China!

The ruling regime in the United Arab Emirates hostiles Muslims and restricts any space available to the citizens’ practices of…

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