US missile


Prime Minister Morrison says Australia will not host US missiles

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the United States has not requested to deploy intermediate-range missiles in his country, stressing…

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Middle East

Syria intercepted 71 of 103 missiles fired at it: Russia

US, Syrian and Russian military officials say more than 100 cruise missiles were fired at Syria during early Saturday airstrikes…

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US missile show ridiculous political spectacle: Iran MP

A senior Iranian lawmaker says US accusations about the Islamic Republic providing Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah fighters with ballistic missiles are…

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Middle East

US relocates long-range rocket system from Jordan to Syria

The US army has relocated a new truck-mounted, long-range missile launcher from Jordan to a base in Syria’s al-Tanf, says…

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Ties between US-armed Syrian rebels and Al Qaeda’s affiliate

A crucial problem in news media coverage of the Syrian civil war has been how to characterize the relationship between…

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