War in Yemen

Saudi Arab

The UK flouts ban, sells arms to Saudi Arabia

The UK government believes more than £250,000 worth of radio spares was shipped to troops deployed in the civil war…

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If Europeans fail to act, the 3rd step will be taken on Sept 6: Rouhani

Rouhani to Macron that his country will take the “third step” in reducing its nuclear commitments unless the European signatories…

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US Senate to Vote Next Week on Blocking Arms Sales to Bahrain and Qatar

The US Senate will witness two votes next week following efforts by Senator Rand Paul to prevent arms sales to…

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Saudi Arab

American Senate fails to end military support to Saudi war in Yemen

The US Senate has failed to override President Donald Trump’s veto of a congressional resolution demanding an end to American…

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War in Yemen, Crisis in Saudi Arabia: Impact of Yemen War on Economic Crisis in Riyadh

Recently, a confidential document belonging to the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia has been leaked to the press which suggests…

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