Wahhabism even more evil than Israel: Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

The head of the Lebanese resistance movement of Hezbollah says he considers the radical ideology of Wahhabism to be even…

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Sheikh Zakzaky deserves release not trial – IMN Press Statement

The popular Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) has condemned calls for the trial of their leader, Sheik Ibraheem Zakzaky. The…

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Israelis Storm Prophet Youssef Shrine in Nablus

Hundreds of Zionist settlers stormed the shrine of Prophet Youssef in Nablus on Thursday, under the protection of occupation forces.…

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Is Facebook’s Deleting Anti-Israeli Accounts, Posts kind of Apartheid?

Following intensive efforts of the Israeli propaganda media and security officials to get the social networks to eliminate the anti-Israeli…

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ISIS, Opportunity in North Africa

Regarding increased ISIS’ defeats in Syria and Iraq and the fact that in the not too distant future bases of…

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Reasons behind Iran’s General Qasem Soleimani’s Statement

In renewed efforts to polarize the Iranian society, Western media outlets have created a media hype on the alleged candidature…

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Iraqi Hezbollah Chief Calls Saudi Arabia, Israel Two Sides of Same Coin

The secretary general of Iraq’s al-Nujaba Movement, a major Shiite resistance group, slammed Saudi Arabia for its hostile policies against…

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Bahrainis hold demonstrations in solidarity with Sheikh Qassim

Bahraini people have staged anti-regime demonstrations across the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom in support of distinguished Shia Muslim cleric Sheikh…

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Saudi Arab

‘Political’ Takfirism in #AlSaud Kingdom: From Ancestor to Grandson

Saudi Mufti, Abdul Aziz Al Ash-Sheikh’s statement considering Iranians not Muslims was not unprecedented to what Muslims know concerning the…

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Middle East

Israeli war planes bomb Syria’s army positions in Golan Heights

Israeli war planes have bombed Syrian army positions in Syria’s Golan Heights for the second time in less than a…

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